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Want to become Emotionally Grounded?

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"The most powerful ... predictor of adult life-satisfaction is [your] emotional health, followed by [your] conduct."
Layard et al, 2014

Hello! I'm Brandys

I'm a clinical counsellor, author, and emotion specialist.

I work with the emotionally distraught to become Emotionally Grounded and feel strong and confident in any situation or circumstance.

My work comes from a combination of professional training and personal experience. I have experience working with Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Parenting, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Family Relationships, and Intimate Relationships.

Life has taken me on a journey to teach me all about emotion and how emotional health is the key to lifetime satisfaction.

I found that my own happiness was directly related to my ability to understand and manage my emotions. 

I consciously invested in my own emotional journey which resulted in strength and confidence. Or in other words, becoming Emotionally Grounded.

Image of Brandys Evans, Clinical Counsellor in North Vancouver

Client Testimonials

"From my initial contact with Brandys, I knew she was an exceptionally intelligent and compassionate therapist. I reached out for a session as I was feeling "stuck". Brandys suggested therapy that addressed the underlying cause to create a "shift" in my life. I found the therapeutic process to feel very safe and calming. The approach is powerful and certainly resulted in the shift I was looking for. Brandys' supportive and highly insightful manner is conducive to getting to the issues and moving you past them to a better place."​
"Brandys is brilliant in her understanding of children and how we need to relate to them. As Brandys says, "the best listeners are those that can hear others’ emotions yet remain neutral. Listening shows that we care, while remaining strong enough to not get pulled in. This is the source of connection”. It is so important to be a source of strength for your child and to not get pulled into, and react to their emotion and situation. Brandy’s straight forward approach will help guide you through some very difficult situations. Thank you Brandys!"
"I found the experience with Brandys to be life changing. While living a life in dysfunctional holding patterns that I felt I could never escape, negative thought patterns disappeared. I no longer feel held by the past and no longer feel unworthy. Brandys has opened my eyes to a life of becoming a better version of myself everyday."
"After working with Brandys, I felt a shift, an inner strength well up from deep inside me, and I felt heartfelt happiness. Brandys has a straightforward loving way of listening and making you feel safe. Thank you so much, Brandys."
"I feel different. I cannot say exactly how, or what, just different. I feel peaceful and calm. I did get angry once with the kids, yet it felt different. In control. Felt like me just getting angry and I had a good recovery. I call that progress!"
"Brandys has made a large impact on my life in such a short period of time. She adapted to my needs and provided a safe space for me to open up and feel extremely comfortable. Through my work with Brandys, not only have I improved in the understanding and management of my current situation, but also in my emotional intelligence and well-being. Brandys will be involved in my life pursuit of understanding of optimal mental health, because she has the ability to continuously help me better understand and improve myself."

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